Not waving, I am drowning…

Ribbet collage
OK that heading is probably a bit melodramatic, but it’s all too much! Too, too much if you know what I mean. I am a diehard, stick in the mud Sims 3 fan and I can spend hours watching their onscreen craziness, but just lately I seem to either building too much or repairing damaged households/relationships too much, and the truth of the matter is it’s getting a bit boring, especially as I’ve been playing Sims 4 and enjoying the lightweight gameplay.

Sims 3 is cool, and now I have the forever world set up I can pop in out whenever the need grabs, so I am not abandoning them! But the scale of the world is huge and EA’s cranky engine’s need for mods just to make the game run smoothly makes it feel a bit like shooting yourself in the foot. I installed NRaas Story Progression mod to fix EA’s broken in-game story progression and it works a treat, but I’ve made things hard for myself though, with so many playable households in the world it’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the marriages, break-ups and house moves. Every time I get into the game, I set the household options for the family I am playing, and yet while I am doing that the other households that I haven’t got around to yet, are splitting up and moving around like autonomous Sims! I know that’s the idea and the NRaas Story Progression mod works so much better than the games, it’s just a little frustrating after moving families into the world with their homes as part of their story, and then having a mod shift them about without discussing it with their God is just not cool.

As an example, I moved Elliot Nest into a run down apartment in the centre of town, the building came with the world and it’s an remodelled EA shell, it looks great and it fitted in so well with his story but, while I was relocating another household I had a notification that Matthew Mango had married Marion Moose (or whatever her name is) and that stopped me a moment, because he was one of the games coolest bachelors and I loved playing him and his roommates romantic trysts, so to have him married off was a bit of a blow. Then another notification told me that he’d moved into her house, Argh!! him and his roommate had an awesome beach house near the nudist beach and old ship restaurant. So I took a spin around town to find him and his new wife, the roommate has vanished! I eventually tracked them down to an apartment, and split them up (I love it when they send breakup texts, something I could never do in real life!) and moved him back into his beach house, and it was during the hunt for Matthew Mango that I came across Elliot Nest on a houseboat which could have worked for the story, but it would have meant completely rebuilding the house (boring!)

So I then had to swap households and relocate him back to the original apartment, but before I could that seven roommates turned up and started fighting and arguing with each other. NO! he’s supposed to be a highly secretive, on the case all hours private investigator not a dorm room attendant. So I got rid of the roommates, and relocated him, remembering this time to set the mod rules for his household. And sat back for a moment thinking I could maybe play the game for a while, when I noticed that the Caliente sisters had moved into a house that I’d imported from Bridgeport with a family of vampires, Arghhhh!! Off I go again, moving them back to their old house and searching for the vamps…


I’ve got to take a break! The painfree, simple gameplay of the Sims 4 is making sense now and I’ve got a bit of a challenge going on in Willow Creek, I am trying to get my Simself to lose weight and find a girlfriend and there’s too many of them for him to settle down just yet 🙂

Fixing fridge glitches and HDMI connection issues

I’ve been out of action for a while, what with ill health and my beloved cat dying I haven’t been in the mood for games. But, I am such an addict that I couldn’t stay away for long, it’s the escape that I need right now so I jumped back in. The thing that got me fired up again was the desire for a bank/savings mod. I tried one years ago but it wasn’t being updated so I had to cut it, it wasn’t really a bank account either, I think it was more like stocks & shares. What I really wanted was a way for Sims to transfer money around as well as earning interest, I found what I was looking for at MTS but, it’s not working.

That’s not entirely true, because the mod does work in the game, it just wasn’t saving the data, which meant that every time I changed households the Sims lost their money (and some of them had invested wholesale!) I was so determined to get the mod working, I tried it in a vanilla game, even going so far as uninstalling all of the Sims game and scrubbing the registry, all without success. I am still trying and testing and sending feedback to the guy who built it in the hope that we’ll find a solution.

Playing the vanilla game gave me a chance to trouble shoot the fridge glitch, I can’t remember when I first noticed produce multiplying in the fridges but it seems to have been in my game for a long time, it’s irritating – also a bit worrying because there’s a limit to how much the cheap fridges can hold. Some say it’s related to the Bohemian Garden set from the store, because there can be huge quantities of strawberries, lemons and cocoa, that seems likely because some players have the glitch and some don’t, mostly those that have the BG harvestables are commenting on the glitch. Another thing I noticed was pizzas stored in the fridge vanish when you swap households. Which leads me to think the problem is caused by EA’s story progression, although I’ve never tried playing with it switched off (probably should have done for the sake of a coherent article!) so maybe if you turn it off you won’t have problems. However I think the game needs story progression otherwise it’s just dull point and click.

NRaas Story Progression fixes the problem, it actually completely empties the fridges, so when you click ‘Open’ all you see are leftovers (if any) that the Sims have saved, including §30 pizzas that were previously disappearing. Thankyou everyone NRaas 🙂

Gianni (and my dog Billie) after a trip to the vets

Gianni (and my dog Billie) after a trip to the vets

After all that trial and error testing I was more than ready to get back into my saved game, so I deleted the vanilla Sims 3 folder and moved my saved folder back from the desktop and clicked the go button. But no sooner had I stood up to go and put the kettle on (my bloated forever world takes 17 minutes to load!) I noticed a ‘no signal’ message on the TV, Grrr! I had to force the computer to shut down and changed the HDMI lead before rebooting it and trying again, this time I didn’t even bother to get up, I waited for the launcher to load and hit the go button again and instantly the same evil message appeared tattooed on a black screen. I may have swore, in fact I am sure I did while I was turning out cupboards and drawers for an old DVI/VGA cable (the TV & PC have different connectors). so that I could once more force a shut down and reboot the poor old computer. This time the game loaded, and I actually quite liked the bigger, smoother rendering – it made the game feel like the Sims 4. I couldn’t leave it that way though because the desk was cluttered with speakers and the chaotic tangle of cables, plugs and extension leads gave me cold sweats (I can’t stand mess!) Also most of the screen was taken up by a huge control panel in the highest 1280 x 768 resolution.

So I went all the way back to uninstalling the game data and reinstalling every bleeping EP and stuff pack, it took an entire day and still the only way I could play the game was through ancient video connectors although I was liking the booming stereo soundtrack from these cool Edifier speakers. I hastily ordered a new graphics card (I’d already treated the old box to extra RAM this month, so it’s an expense I could have done without) before I decided to try the Sims 4 using the HDMI connection, the game was OK, and that put me in a real confused state! WTF was going on? And did I really need a new graphics card after all? I spent about an hour playing the Sims 4 before I was certain (I’d ordered it with overnight delivery so it was probably already on its way!)

Ooh look it's me on the telly!

Ooh look it’s me on the telly!

Screenshot from the game using ‘Ultra’ settings on a 1920 x 1080 resolution high def TV, and I really dislike the jagged edges, besides I am not that fat (or miserable!) Eagle eyed viewers will see where I was going wrong, but for those who don’t know there are three ways to ‘view’ the game – or three modes of view. Windowed (as above) Windowed Fullscreen (anyone remember the trend many years ago when web designers used full screen windows without controls so you couldn’t close them, they were the most evil thing on the interweb before common sense prevailed) and Fullscreen (as below)

Yay! me again :)

Yay! me again 🙂

It took me a long time to figure it out, but I am glad I did because there’s no way I could have gone any further with the game if that’s the best. Once I’d fixed it I actually enjoyed playing the game and clocked up a massive 2 hours! That gives a grand total of 3 hours gameplay from a £69 investment. I know I will get into it though because now I’ve got a new graphics card installed with 2gb memory and 16gb RAM easing the PC along, the Sims 4 looks amazing and it’s so smooth, I didn’t even notice the loading screens.

So, back to the Sims 3 I go, happily this time because I’ve seen how great the Sims 4 looks with the upgraded hardware – I was as gleeful as a lamb in springtime as I loaded the game up, until I hit the go button that is, because then I found myself staring at the evil ‘No Signal’ black screen. I don’t think I moved for twenty minutes or so, I just sat staring in disbelief! Until eventually a glimmer of inspired logic wove wearily across my mind. In complete silence I forced the computer to shut down (I keep typing I instead of U! that’s probably how the PC felt) and rebooted with the VGA cables again, I had an idea that somehow the game needed a save file, or some line of code in a temporary cache file or something like that, to rejig its memory into accepting the HDMI output – I built the PC myself specifically for the Sims 3 game, the poor thing has no other use and it’s always used an HDMI connection. So anyway, I moved the saved game back to the desktop and moved the vanilla game from the desktop back into the Electronic Arts folder and played the game (through VGA) for a while, saved and quit. Shut down the computer, properly this time! and reconnected the HDMI cable, rebooted the computer and played the vanilla game without a problem. I’ve no idea how to explain it, but I’ve since read a lot of forum posts about players having exactly the same problem. My solution is play and save the game with VGA cables and it will fix it.

Then I COPIED the folders and files I needed from the original saved game into the Sims 3 folder one at a time playing the game after each and every move so I could be sure, until finally I have my forever world saved game back the way it was, and I can play on a big screen at 1920 x 1080 resolution, with the upgraded graphics card speeding up rendering and making everything smooth and crisp at the same time. Happy days 🙂 Although there was a moment of head banging on desk insanity when I couldn’t get the cheat box to open… Another top tip, always keep spare batteries for the keyboard close to hand.

Bed Overrides

I’ve been tidying up the desktop and sorting out screenshot folders (there’s nothing I like better than organising folders) I am joking! In reality there was almost 8,000 screenshots that needed to be sorted out before I could do the long overdue back up, I found these while I was deleting junk

I’ve placed the de-stencilled Diesel bed in the packages folder because I like the option of having plain covers as well as the original, but I’ve put the metal framed bed in the overrides folder because the original version doesn’t recolour very well.

I noticed there were some negative comments about the recoloured metal ‘mattress’ not being a mattress to start with, really it’s the base board and it’s a shame there can’t be 5 channels so it doesn’t have to share the same channel as the mattress above it, but you can see where armiel has separated the metal frame from the baseboard that it now looks like a traditional bedstead, and recolours better too. Although the bed frame I remember from my childhood never had a baseboard, it was just a thin mattress on a rickety frame, those that needed more support used to have to put sheets of plywood under the mattress. Of course the Sims still grumble though even with the luxury of two mattresses!

The Gilbert Legacy part 3

Owing to a massive cock-up when I moved some of the Gilbert family to Roaring Heights and left the rest in Lucky Palms I wasn’t able to use the porter mod to bring them all together in Beach City, it’s a shame because this is a family of cool Sims and it’s shattered their dreams of being a real legacy 😦

But on a happier note, selling their home and businesses in Roaring Heights meant that Barry, Josh and Vince moved into one of the beach houses with over §2 million. Their move was one that excited me the most (how sad is my life!) because Rflong7 had placed an empty lot called ‘Empty Business’ away from the upmarket beach lots and close to a residential area, it looked Art Deco in style and was perfect for Honest Barry’s car dealership. I’ve been wanting to build a car showroom since the Savvy seller stuff came out, but because I am truly hopeless at building I could never get it right. It is another reason for me to worship at the feet of Rflong7 and heap more praise on her incredible world, because finally the family have their dealership and I get to play the game the way I want. It’s as though she read my mind 🙂  There’s also tons of free space across the road, so I built a second hand car lot there too, and there’s enough free space at the back of the showroom for a scrap yard.

Upstairs is a bit of a mess because I got side tracked with the car lot across the road, but I put a boardroom, private bathroom and a bedroom (because he is still a single Sim) that are locked to everyone but family. it’s easy to unlock the boardroom door for those times when he needs privacy with a girlfriend.


I am not sure which EP the retail units came with, I don’t think they’re from the Savvy seller stuff but they can be made to work by placing them on top of the savvy seller rugs. I thought the upper floor would make a great retail space for selling bikes and accessories, but I stumbled when I discovered he couldn’t carry kids bikes in his inventory. So I had Josh and Vince adopt a son, who will now be able to carry the bikes to the showroom. It did seem a bit unnecessary having to adopt a child just so they could sell childrens bikes, but I’d planned for them to start their own family eventually so it’s OK.

Another reason for not finishing the upper floor was because I had a notification that Vince would be performing at the Hoi Polloi Event Centre, this was the first time I’d played the household since moving them in so it was news to me that he had a gig, more so because he was still singing telegrams in Roaring Heights and I flipped out when the game tore me away from the car lot to the huge crowd at the arena 🙂

You know there are times when I have to remind myself this is only a game 🙂  The Gilbert-King household delivers many of those moments, Hanson and Abrielle Gilbert and their two sons Tyson and Adam moved into a beautiful little house on the outskirts of town, and close to the old city wall where all the fabulous themed venues are located. Their house was imported from FakeHousesRealAwesome tumblr and it’s so well built I just love it. Most of the houses around them are lived in by townies, which is cool because it means they’re socialising with NPC’s and there are cafes, bars, a mini-mart, launderette and the martial arts academy all within walking (or jogging) distance.

It’s thanks to this household that I have finally become game hardened at calling animal rescue, their dog keeps having puppies and I was never able to let them go, now I am tougher with the cute little yapping pixelated pups to have them removed everytime I find there’s new additions to the household. Though the dramatic music does nothing to raise my spirit no matter how positive the rescuers message, I still get a lump in my throat when the puppies are led away 😦

Back to the game, it is a game I know! The household make full use of the amenities around them and it helps them keep in contact with their extended family. Even though they don’t know who’s who, it’s great to see Tyson sparring with his Uncle or Hanson training in the gym with his father.


The Grind

I made over this venue at the same time as the Prism Art Gallery because they’re on the same block and they both share the same run down industrial themes. The style of the two buildings is very similar so it just took a quick fix using Cyclonesue’s Victorian brick work and World Adventures stained brick wallpapers to add some grime to old warehouse. I used the same factory windows but this time covered them with boards.

Barriers prevent fairies, werewolves and mermaids from entering and I also set the age limit to YA and above as the school kids were in there too, there’s also a dresscode sign to force Sims into everyday wear so I can fix the messy ones.


this was cool, I've never seen a Sim take a drink to another of their own free will.

this was cool, I’ve never seen a Sim take a drink to another of their own free will.

I am using floor tiles with Cyclonesue’s modifier rugs above the dance floor so that the ceiling lights appear to be fixed to something and not just floating in space.  The walkways could also be part of the old warehouse and to satisfy my need for realism, they could also be for maintenance. I went too far though with the recording studio! I thought that having the musical instruments on another level, in a completely separate room would mean that Sims could use them without disrupting the party downstairs (provided they weren’t jamming) but I was wrong, because as soon as the first one started beating on the drums, the tunes were cut downstairs and everyone left! So I took them out and made it into a chillout lounge instead.



Lola Belle hounded by a starstruck vamp, he only wanted to play basketball with her minder 🙂

In Bridgeport I had one of the playable Sims own the club so I built an office and apartment on the upper floor that could be locked using the Lock Community Doors mod by Nona Mena at Simlogical, I’ve done the same here, but because there’s no owner I’ve used hidden room markers to black it out. I might get Kurt Klein from Legacy Island to buy it because he seems to spend more time in there than any other Sim.


Prism Art Gallery

This is a huge venue with loads of space, I think there was too much empty space for its purpose, but it does give you a lot to play with – unfortunately, the problem with these big venues is that it’s easy to over fill them with junk and clutter that Sims get stuck in. So I’ve left quite a bit of empty space, which I think is more realistic, as it looks more like the old building has been repurposed – although I have to admit, I really wanted to add Cyclonesue’s fuel tanks somewhere, but never got around to it.

I changed all the stone textures to make the building look more dilapidated, and changed a lot of the architectural features from stone to rusty steel. I also changed all of the brickwork, using realistic brick patterns by ung999 at TSR (there’s loads to use). And worn out masonry by ayyuff at TSR. One thing I didn’t change is the corrugated cladding on the cafeteria building, I love that grungy texture.

I ballsed up the big gallery building by sandwiching the kids art displays between nudes on the top and ground floor, should have planned better! The industrial windows and open doorways make the place look much more like a warehouse, although I did have to use MOO to place the full height (closed) windows because the ceiling was too low – didn’t need cheats to place the full height, open windows though. Fire escape doorsfloor (rugs) & stairs by Cyclonesue. On the very top floor there are some of the base game ‘double hung’ windows with broken glass by Bloom at Simlogical.


The cafeteria building is my favourite part of the venue, because the stained glass windows are my least favourite I changed them for factory windows by Cyclonesue at TSR and covered the remaining ones with shop grilles by Sandy at Around the Sims 3, I also swapped the garage doors for an arch and used Sandy’s roller shutters all of which adds to a more realistic old industrial venue.

Improved International Swimwear

Before the Sims 4 was released I planned for this post to be the last featuring great custom content, there will be more about Beach City and its CC, but as for writing posts promoting specific items – this was to be the last. Because these drawers are the icing on the cake for me. I bought the International Swimwear for men from the store when they were released but they’re really disappointing in the game, so I asked Cmar if she could apply her magic fix to them and she’s done an amazing job.

For me the Sims 3 is all about the details, I love the beauty and design of a world filled with gorgeous architecture and scenery, lived in by bronzed, muscular hunks and sexy girls with real curves. My Sims 3 game is escapism, and even though I am not overly bothered by providing realism there are details lacking from the game that look odd because they’re absent. Maybe they are details that other gamers wouldn’t miss, or don’t care for, maybe they’re missing their own details too. For me anyway, the mods that allow nudity and the pixel penis’s are as essential as bikes they can ride and pools they can swim in (see Really Real Sims & this). I want my game to be both realistic and fantasy, because when the time comes for the sexy female Sim to see the guy who’s been chatting her up, naked, then he’s got to have all the pieces in place, otherwise it just looks odd.

International Swimwear for men fixed and improved by Cmar – package file here –  if you already have the store item you should probably uninstall them as these are CC and it may cause a conflict. Use the MTS forum to say thanks.

Sims 4, hit or miss? I may have dozed off for a while

You don’t need to be Einstein to see that I can’t write to save my life, a quick skim over the preceding articles will be more than enough proof. My excuse (and it’s fairly lame because it stems from lack of education) is that English is my second language, I was born and raised in Liverpool, and never really learnt how to write until after they threw me out of school. Had the reading mastered from a fairly young age though and could spend hours pouring over the Liverpool Echo, oh how I used to get completely absorbed by the goings on of footballs finest and where their wags where shopping. But, I digress, I played with the Sims 4 for a couple of hours this afternoon, just long enough to create my simself and meet the neighbours.

But it wasn’t enough time, I came away feeling numb and somewhat confused. Way back when the original Sims was released I was a complete computer novice, I hadn’t even touched a computer keyboard until I was almost 30, infact I was such a novice that on my first attempt to trawl the interweb, it took me over half an hour of typing in URL’s without success until by accident I hit the ‘enter’ button and the world wide web sprang forth. Not long after I picked up a CD-ROM in my local computer shop, it was a game about little people that lived in their own little world, in your computer!
I was hooked immediately and actually lost an entire weekend of my life, because I didn’t step down from the game untill Monday morning, when I was supposed to go to work.

It grabbed me from the very first moment I saw those little pixelated Sims and realised they were moving to my commands. From that first experience till today, with a short gap in the middle of Sims 2 when real life, work and an Alienware laptop that self destructed, kept me away from the Sims, I’ve lapped up every morsel that Maxis/EA served up. Pre-ordering everything so I never have to wait for the expansion packs, and it’s all been good – until today, when I can’t help feeling duped.

First impressions were good, I like the look of the UI and feel of the camera controls, but it seemed like I was playing with the mute button on. It’s difficult to explain but when I quit the game and loaded Sims 3 the TV almost leapt of the desk because I had the volume at 32, I usually play the Sims 3 around 12 to 15. And there wasn’t any enthusiasm from the game itself when it was loading, unlike the Sims 3 that explodes into its intro screen, maybe I need to check the settings.  Once in the game it was OK, there’s a lot to like about the new Sims and their emotion led characters. I love the way they multi-task, and interact with each other, but I can live without seeing and hearing them pee! And as for taking an angry poop, just NO! There also seems to be loads of stuff missing, probably I was looking in the wrong place but there’s no dishwasher? I was a child when my folks bought their first dishwasher (my dad used to call it ‘Sir Ken’ because it was a Kenwood) but my point is, I’ve had a dishwasher hunkering down in my kitchen for all my adult life, I rely on it to deliver sparkling dishes to my microwave. And my Sims rely on theirs too, why would they take it away? Don’t recall seeing a microwave either…

I think if you’re twelve years old and spend all day tagging facebook photos on your tablet, and playing Farmville on your mobile then you’re going to love it. But if like me you’ve grown to enjoy the huge open worlds environment of the Sims 3 and all that chaos, then you’re probably going to be sorely disappointed, that is until EA starts filling in the blanks and fleshing out the game with expansion packs. That’s just my first impression of my first experience of the Sims 4, basically I like the way the Sims have grown so I am prepared to wait and see how it develops.

I am not a reviewer and I am not computer savvy enough to evaluate the pros and cons, but there is a review by Lee Cooper on that’s better written and pretty much sums up the way I feel.

On the eve of Sims 4 UK launch

…you can watch the live let’s play videos

or you can read reviews, watch the first Sims 4 social media sitcom and learn everything from unlocking hidden lots to dressing your Sims at SimsVIP. Or you could do what I am going to do and watch back to back episodes of the Coronation Street omnibus and play Sims 3. I’ve got to admit I am not pacing threadbare circles in the carpet waiting for the latest dumbed down adaptation of my favourite game, but watching the videos I can’t help but feel the excitement, the future looks OK after all.

Tony Medina, man on a mission…

I love this world so much! Beach City by Rflong7 for those who are just joining this silly saga, it’s so easy to get around and the Sims just roll along happy as pigs in mud. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner, I resisted the temptation of user created worlds because I didn’t think they’d be as good as EA’s Doh! how stupid am I? Of course they’re going to be better, they’ve been built by someone who is fed up with badly put together EA worlds, rather than release something hoping it’s OK, but signing it off anyway because time is money, these custom worlds have been put together by people that care from lessons learnt from the c(r)ash happy developers.

So, back to the saga, Anthony (Tony) Medina was born Teodor Medina in Isla Paradiso, you can read his back story here. He changed his name at City Hall, and gave up the sports career for a 9 to 5 office job (coffee courier) soon after moving to Beach City. The name change was simple, I had no idea you could change surnames as well, that’s something I need to do for Lucy Sw0rd, Martinez-Sw0rd sounds better. I thought a career in business rather than sports would stand him in good stead with his resort empire lifetime wish. He also gets to dress smarter and appears more business like now.

In total I moved nine Sims in four households from Isla Paradiso, Crystal Purdy the woman who persuaded him to give up witchcraft and their son Reed. Anthony/Teodor hadn’t even met Reed until he arrived unescorted at the housewarming party. And the Hamada family, Sims Wiki says that Honey and Masao Hamada had a baby girl called Emily, but in my game there was just the father and a son called Rene. I brought them along because Rene was dating Palmira Medina. Also because Masao was a fairy, I had him marry Valerie Vidal who then persuaded him to give up his wings. As you’ll see he’s scored high when he fell in love with that Sim 🙂

And then finally, there’s Senorita Florita Hernandez, Teodors first wife. Again Sims Wiki got it totally wrong, because according to them she died of drowning! She was 100% alive in my game and she also has a very beautiful teenage daughter called Alissa. Clumsily, I’d already moved a copy of the Ichtaca family into the Legacy Island game and I planned to move that version of the family into Beach City, so that meant that Palmira lost her relationship with Everado, but hopefully they’ll meet up in the new world. She’s certainly not shy at coming forward as poor Jupiter Belle found out at the housewarming.

Anthony and Palmira moved into a fabulous penthouse atop a huge high rise on the waters edge that overlooks the resort tower he plans to own one day. It’s an amazing apartment with roof terraces on all sides and views of the sea from almost every window. I re-jigged the layout a bit, and replaced all the exterior doors and windows with the Bauhaus set, I’ve had them in the catalogue for ages but because I am such a crap builder I’ve never been able to use them, they look great in this building, but what were they thinking when they made the 3 tile window so short? It looks really odd next to the other windows and doors. I know I went overboard with the refurbishment, but it’s the home of a hotel magnate, and he needs a plush party pad with loads of space to throw epic parties. The house warming was a blast, he invited Crystal but she didn’t show up and young Reed arrived on his own (by taxi!) there was a bunch of gatecrashers including one of the Caliente sisters, that pleased Anthony a lot 🙂 Hopefully little Reed can keep quiet about it!


Crystal and Reed Purdy moved into a small, modern apartment in the centre of town. I’d been playing the game for a couple of days and had crammed everything onto one floor when I found a hidden level above, and it’s a huge space. So I deleted the level skip marker and built a mezzanine, I love the duplex style and I think next time I visit I am going to move them into one of the starter homes so I can save a copy to replace the building next door, I’ll move them back though!

I think Anthony and Crystal will remain on and off lovers because she’s a cool Sim, and he’s got commitment issues! But I think if they married it would become dull, and there’s more fun keeping them both single.  I was aiming for a bohemian look for the apartment and as soon as I added the mezzanine and moved the furniture about it all came together. It’s a great lot, but I did change just about everything! Originally it was designed for a vampire, so it was dark wood and hidden bedrooms – but I soon fixed that 🙂 As far as I know there are no vampires in this world, plenty of fairies though so it might be a good balance to put in some pest control.

The Hamada family moved into a very cool looking, odd shaped house built on a wharf. Masao is a scientist so I wanted their home to be quirky and quite futuristic, I also wanted to keep his work space hidden so that on the surface they appear like a normal family, they might be swingers, and they’re certainly gregarious. Putting his work room, a small bathroom and his son’s bedroom in a basement keeps the limited space upstairs clutter free. There’s a lot of beauty and the geek going on although Rene (the son) is bizarrely grumpy and shy and a light sleeper.

I made over Valerie myself in CAS when I had the idea of giving the geeky professor a sexy, younger wife, but the game was one step ahead, because Masao is hung like a horse and beneath the slightly disheveled exterior is a fit and well toned physique. That sounds a bit gross, I need to explain myself! It’s all down to a gentleman’s bits mod that has a randomize option, making all the male Sims unique (so to speak) many variations on the same theme, longer, shorter, fatter, thinner, circumcised, or not…
It takes virtual reality to whole new level, find out more about the mod in Really Real Sims.
Also loving the unlock sponge baths mod by Twoftmama at simsasylum.


Anthony’s ex-wife Florita Hernandez and her daughter Alissa moved into a simple cabin style home on the quay opposite the Hamadas, Florita’s a gardener and I wanted something small and simple, but not out in the middle of nowhere. I rejigged the layout a bit, but left the exterior alone, although when they first moved in I removed a section of greenhouse roof from the roof of the building and built an open galleried Belvedere instead, it wasn’t as grand as it sounds it’s just porch railings with a roof on, and it looked OK (ish) with spiral stairs going up from the ground floor. But I took it away because the roof sections around it looked odd and the view is just as good on the quayside anyway.

There’s a basement too that I might use as a garage because there’s no space to park cars, and she’s a gardener so she’s going to need a car. Fiddling about with the layout meant I was able to put a good sized family kitchen, two small bathrooms and two bedrooms there’s even enough space in Alissa’s for the dance bar. The living room is full of souvenirs from Isla Paradiso and opens up onto the quay with great sea views. although they are living in the shadow of the Medina’s penthouse and in the distance you can see his resort. But Florita’s not bitter, she has her garden and plenty of leisure time.

I’ve had those planters in the catalogue for a long time, but I rarely use them because they’re so big, but in this case they’re perfect. Each planter holds eight harvestables and there’s enough room in the centre to place a tree using the ‘moveobjects on’ cheat and the Sims can harvest all of them. Another of my favourites is the music stand (mirror) I love the way it looks as though Florita is accompanying her daughters singing lesson. It’s such a shame that EA couldn’t apply the new Sims 4  motives and emotions to the Sims they had already, if they’d have applied all the new social interactions to the existing game they probably would be having better press and shifting more units.

I can make do with believing their sharing the moment together, it looks like they’re enjoying themselves. As I wrote at the top of the page, I love this world so much! It beats every EA world I’ve ever played hands down, and I’ve crammed so much more into it than is wise. Also I’ve added many more apartment buildings and they all have NPC’s living in them, but even with all of those additions and the venues (I’ve placed them all!) the routing is smooth and painless, and there’s no lag ever. Everyday Florita rides her scooter all the way across town to the apothecary store because she’s a werewolf (and I don’t want her to be!) and everyday, whatever the weather the camera follows her across the terrain. There’s no loading screen or teleporting in my game 🙂